Crocs Aren’t Just a Fashion Faux Pas, They May Be a Safety Hazard

pink crocsWe all know that you can be arrested by the fashion police for wearing Crocs, but as a woman in Canada recently found out, you can get pulled over for wearing those hideous rubber shoes by the regular police, too. Dawn Marie Yu was stopped by the highway patrol when she was going 20 km/h over the speed limit but Yu says she's not to blame. It was her pink, size 10 Crocs that made her do it. The "shoe" (and that's being generous, this isn't a shoe, it's a toboggan of stretchy fugliness that people wear on their feet) apparently slipped under the accelerator and caused her car to speed up beyond her control.

If this isn't reason for all the Crocs in all the land to be round up and burned in one horrible-smelling effigy, I don't know what is.


Yu remained that she should be absolved of the speeding ticket fees and took her claim to court. The judge was sympathetic to her plea but ultimately decided that she was at fault. Sorry, if your "shoes" mess up, you're still to blame. The judge was somewhat lenient, though. He shaved 50 cents off the ticket -- he brought it down to $227.41 from $227.91. Aw.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there who thinks Crocs aren't dangerous. They are. They're killing your style, and they may or may not kill you behind the wheel, too. Unless you are a world-renowned chef or a professional seashell-picker-upper, there's really no excuse. Crocs are deadly.

Do you wear Crocs?


Photo via nieve444Luz/Flickr

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