Get Your Hands on 'Hunger Games'-Inspired Nail Polish!

Hunger GamesNow that The Hunger Games is a bona fide hit, you can bet that fans of Katniss wil be going crazy trying to find Hunger Games-related merchandise.

Well, worry no more, Mockingjay fans!

China Glaze has come out with 12 new nail polish colors, each one representative of the 12 different Hunger Games districts.

Want to see them?

Read on!



The spokesmodel for the nail colors, as you can see, is the illustrious Effie Trinket (a.k.a. Elizabeth Banks), who incidentally is also wearing the Paperself false lashes I showed you not long ago on The Stir!

Check out the colors:

Hunger GamesThere's really something for everyone here -- although, if ever I wear a color called foie gras (translation: goose liver) on my nails?

Shoot me.

I'm liking some of the other colors, though -- Whether you're into spring brights (RIVETING!) or spring pastels (LUXE AND LUSH!) or you're a edgier type of girl (SMOKE AND ASHES!), you can find a relatable color in this collection. Therefore everybody wins!

The fact that this collection came out at all is something of a story in and of itself.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

China Glaze's parent company, the Los Angeles-based American International Industries, filed a complaint on Nov. 23 after Lionsgate execs allegedly signed a contract for the development of nail polishes, but later made statements to press that the deal was "not happening." American claimed that it refused to lie, which prompted a Lionsgate attorney to send an email saying that the studio was "terminating" the contract." Lionsgate declined to comment on the suit.

Thank God for us, the deal was somehow worked out, because China Glaze for The Hunger Games is now available, and we can all wear District fashions on our fingernails!


It's pretty difficult to find the collection online right now, but Amazon has some options here.

Would you wear Hunger Games-inspired nail polish? Why or why not?

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Images via China Glaze


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