Le Forking: Would You Try This New Diet Craze?

FlickrFrench women are known for being thin (they have to be to wear French fashions) -- the reason for this is that they pay a lot of attention to what they're putting into their mouths.

Not so long ago, the French gave us the Dukan Diet, a strict diet regime that's rumored to be used by Kate Middleton to keep her slim figure. Now, the latest diet craze in France is even weirder. It's called ...

Le Forking.



The rules of Le Forking are fairly simple -- You can't eat anything for dinner that won't fit on your fork.

That rules out sandwiches, meats, and sauces, as well as nuts, breads, and pizza. Pasta is allowed, as well as vegetables.

I'm actually kind of liking this diet. Le Forking encourages its followers to have a hearty breakfast, a reasonable lunch, and a strictly controlled dinner. The idea is that you change your eating habits permanently, lose an average of five pounds a month, and keep it off.

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Reviews from people who've actually tried the diet, though, are mixed A writer for the Daily Mail tried Le Forking for two weeks and loved it:

After the first week on Le Forking, I moved on to the gentle version so I could widen my choice of food. Omelettes with chopped vegetable fillings were a favourite. After three weeks, my husband commented that my tummy was less podgy and my double chin had diminished.

After just two weeks on Le Forking, I had lost 7lb. I didn’t suffer any of the miserable crash diet side-effects — bad breath, exhaustion, irritability. My energy levels remained the same and I slept better.

A writer from Marie Claire, however, seems to have followed the diet much more strictly and wasn't very happy with it.Here's what she wrote:

For breakfast the next day, I had three egg whites, scrambled, and for lunch, a salad — romaine, lots of red onions, cubed chicken (if someone else does the cutting, does it count?!), tomatoes, walnuts, and olive oil. For dinner, salmon again. For breakfast, egg whites. And on and on, for 42 meals. At the end of two weeks, I'd lost 4 pounds and never wanted to see another piece of salmon in my life.

Just four pounds after all that effort? I don't know about this diet  -- I'm going to have to do more research. You can learn more at www.forkitdiet.com.

What do you think of Le Forking? Would you try it?


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