'Caviar Manicures' Are More Appetizing Than They Sound


caviar manicureOK. I know the phrase "caviar manicure" doesn't sound that great, but trust me, it's anything but disgusting. An English company called Ciate has come up with this 3-D idea for nail polish and, my oh my, me want. Me want right now. It's coming to all Sephora stores next month (woo hoo!), so in a matter of weeks, we'll all be walking around with colorful little balls on our nails.

It looks pretty easy to apply, which is also great. All you gotta do is paint, shake, and set, and in about 15 minutes, your nails will look like those Sno-Cap candies that no one buys at the movie theater. Yum!


I'm a big fan of the nail art, but haven't really tried any myself because, well, a) I'm lazy, b) I'm not that dexterous, and c) I have the patience and the attention span of a Squirrel on a mini Vespa.

But! This caviar manicure looks easy enough. It seems like it doesn't involve a lot of precision, so this might be good for anyone who, like me, can't paint between the lines. And by "lines" I mean the cuticle and that gross hard skin part around your nails.

The caviar "toppings" come in three colors -- rainbow, mother of pearl, and black pearls -- so you'll have some options when it comes to donning your nails with sparkly little bally thingys. I happen to die for the rainbow caviar; it reminds me of ice cream and summer and Mr. Softee and, mmm, I like. The black pearls seem a little too literal -- they look just like caviar. The white is actually quite pretty and would look great on sun-kissed hands.

So! Are you into the caviar manicure?


Photo courtesy of ciate.co.uk

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