Free Plastic Surgery May Be the Key to Happiness

Mmm ... Botox
When I come face-to-face with myself in the bathroom mirror every morning, gonna be honest, I definitely see a thing or two I wouldn't mind changing. The bags that seem to have taken up permanent residence under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get and the little lines that form around my eyes when I smile aren't anything I've learned to love just yet. And, unfortunately, they're not anything that can be fixed with creams or makeup either. To rid myself of these vanity tragedies, there's really only one solution -- going under the knife (or needle). And, frankly, that's not something I'm planning on doing any time soon. Partly because I'm scared. Mainly because my bank account and I don't have any business whatsoever spending money on something so ... unnecessary.

So, maybe I should move to Brazil. Because there, people on my salary -- and way less -- get to enjoy such "luxuries" ... for free!


Currently in the country, there are more than 220 clinics that offer services such as Botox, laser hair removal, and treatments used to tighten skin for people who can't afford it, totally free of charge. The philosophy behind the concept is that beauty isn't only skin deep. Dr. Nelson Rosas, who heads the Rio branch, said: "What's a wrinkle? Something minor, right? Something with precious little importance. But when we treat the wrinkle, that unimportant little thing, we're actually treating something very important: The patient's self esteem."

Inneresting ... See, I don't disagree with the notion that looking good means feeling good, but, I don't know, free Botox? I mean, yeah, if it were offered to me, I might take it, but it feels kind of wrong. Seems like it sends a terrible message. To American me, at least.

On the other hand, though, the Brazilians are a ridiculously attractive bunch -- what with their tans, long hair, and to-die-for asses. And they certainly seem happy, to boot. So, perhaps they're on to something? Perhaps injecting our faces with poison is the key to happiness we've been searching high and low for all these years. Really, there's only one way to find out.

Do you think there should be free cosmetic procedures for those who can't afford it?

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