Bethenny Frankel's New Skinnygirl Line Won't Get You Drunk

Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl Face & BodySkinnygirl margaritas will forever be my fave Bethenny Frankel brainchild. HOWEVER, there's soon to be some serious competition. No, it's not something you can drink (although Skinnygirl Pina Colada IS launching in May -- swoon!). It's the new Skinnygirl Face & Body collection.

Yup, the former Real Housewife has stepped out from behind the bar and is cleaning up her act. Featuring a whole slew of lip balms and scrubs, tinted moisturizers in three colors, a face detox mask, cleansing facial clothes, and vitamin C body scrub among other gems -- the line is pretttttyyyy damn extensive.

This is SO much more interesting to me than her Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore. And we're not even at the best part, though. Just WAIT until you see how much all of this stuff costs!


The whole line is available at Walmart (in stores and online) and -- are you ready for this? -- costs UNDER $15. Yup, for prices ranging from $4.95 to $15, you too can have amazing skin a la Bethenny Frankel. You've got to admit, the 41-year-old does have a pretty amazing complexion for her age, no? I mean forget the fact that she's skinny as a rail -- her skin actually looks flawless. Sure, she probably has a whole glam squad and seeks out the help of REAL professionals for her flawless face. But hey, a girl can dream that her products will give her the same appeal, right?

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In terms of the new line, I'm always down for trying fun new products especially when there's a celeb name behind it. Hell, I absolutely ADORE Salma Hayek's stuff I buy from Target. If it takes a celebrity's name on an item to grab my attention, then so be it. Bethenny's surely got my attention now. The first item on my "must-buy" list? Hands down, the vitamin C scrub.

Do you think you'll try Bethenny's Skinnygirl face & body products?


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