Makeup Free Friday: Jennifer Lawrence Looks So Young!

jennifer lawrenceI first fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when she wore that deep tangerine Calvin Klein dress to the Oscars in 2011. Holy god she looked amazing. And to her credit, she's managed to keep rising to the occasion -- almost every one of her looks on this massive Hunger Games press tour has been inspired. She's one hot young woman with incredible acting, and outfit-picking, talent.

Even when she's just chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, Jennifer brings it. The 21-year-old was spotted at a Whole Foods in sunny L.A. wearing a sheer green shirt over a black bra, dark jeans, flip flops, and a leather messenger bag. The best part about her look? She was totally makeup free.


I bet she was tired of caking on the stuff before red carpet appearances and, just like the rest of us, wanted to head out to get some coffee without giving a care whether or not her eyelashes were mascara'd. Her bare face shows off her natural beauty, as it would with every woman, but there's something that surprised me when I saw this photos. She looks so young! Like a child! Nay, like a baby! Nay nay, like a newborn!

Jennifer's so nubile -- she must be taking great care of her skin because even though she's 21, she looks, like, 14. In a good way, though. In a healthy, youthful, glowy way. Maybe she did some natural mud masks while filming Hunger Games in the remote forest or something.

Point is, Jennifer Lawrence is on a roll. She looks fantastic, her movie's about to blow UP, and she's in the prime of her life. It's not bad being her, not bad at all.

Do you like Jennifer's style?

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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