First Girl Born in Family in 150 Years Is Cause for Major Celebration

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My husband's family was thrilled to learn that he and I were expecting a baby girl. And not because little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, because it was completely novel. His entire family is made up of boys. Okay, not his entire family, but it certainly seems that way. Every time someone gets pregnant, it always winds up being with a male. It's almost comical. So, needless to say, our little girl-to-be is a welcome change for all.

However, my husband's male-dominated clan has nothing on the Craddock family -- who, until a few weeks ago, hadn't had a single female baby in 150 years!


On March 6, Mali and Simon Craddock gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Poppy (love!). The couple already has a son, Oliver, 1, and with Oliver, they waited to find out the sex -- but with Poppy, they just couldn't.

Once they found out they were having a girl, the Craddocks revealed the good news at a big party for their family and friends -- they even had a gender-revealing cake. Adorable. Obviously, the couple is thrilled.

Having a child is always amazing -- boy or girl. But things always get a teensy more exciting when the sex of the child is one that's kind of foreign to the family. (Full disclosure: I'm thrilled I'm having a girl -- but my entire family is girls. I would have been SHOCKED if I learned I was having a boy!)

So, Congrats to Mali and Simon Craddock on their beautiful little girl, Poppy -- the first little girl in the family for over a century! I have a feeling that will be one spoiled (pink!) baby!

Is one sex more common than the other in your family?

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