Kim Kardashian Outs Sister Khloe for Embarrassing ‘Camel Toe’ (VIDEO)

kim kardashianYour favorite divorcee and mine, Kim Kardashian, went on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night and talked about how huge sister Khloe's camel toe is. That's right, perched on the edge of the guest's seat in a white lace dress, Kim proceeded to tell the nation a private tale about how she once sent Khloe a picture of a real camel's toe from her trip to Dubai, explaining to her sister that she'd finally found a camel toe that was bigger than Khloe's. Aw. How sweet.

Feeling the crowd pull back a little after her over-share, Kim reassured the audience that she didn't tweet the photo and caption, she sent it in a private message to Khloe because, no, she would never call out Khloe like that in publ ... oops.

We can all relate to having a wardrobe malfunction every now and again, and a camel toe is sort of the worst kind. I generally stay away from pants or leggings that are so tight that you can see my labia, buuuuut there has been a time or two at the gym when I've noticed some unwanted glances directed toward my groin. Gross.

Anywhoosle, I know the Kardashians are an open book, but I kind of feel sorry for Khloe here. It's not necessarily a flattering image of Khloe that Kim's painting. See what you think!


Any camel toe nightmares you'd like to share?

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nonmember avatar mymy

trash begets surprise here.

femal... femaleMIKE

lmao,  my sisters and I tease each other all the time.  We just don't do it in public.

noneya79 noneya79

I don't see the big deal on this clip? It's not like she was talking about it the whole time or making a big deal about it, it was obviously her saying she sent it as a joke. I could see a little embarrassment but nothing to cry over! Besides they embarrass themselves on their shows most of the time anyway!

Logan... LoganTroyMom

LOL @ skyhook.

what a total bitch though! who the hell does she think she is..

nonmember avatar Melly

I think she's a bitch for this! Maybe she's jealous that Khloe has a real marriage and had to find another way to make her look like shit and herself look better. She needs to get over herself anyway, shes really not that pretty and shes def dumb as a f'in brick!

nonmember avatar skarlet

I agree with melly, she's just hating on khloe!!!!

SaraJ... SaraJamesHigh

Am I the only one who caught the awkward laughing after she said she played a marriage cousnler and her awkward smiling trying to move quickly to the next topic! She was bluntly be laughed at and she knew it! She just can't stand that khloe is in a real relationship and didn't need a sex tape to get noticed!!

nonmember avatar Guest

She is quite possibly the stupidest person on the planet. After reading this story, I vow NEVER to read another article about this ridiculous family!

Aunt Maria Bell

she is a poor representation of a mature women.
She doesn't realize she is slowly fading away. I'd rather follow her two other sisters. They act and think with a grounded approach- more consideration towards others

jessi... jessicasmom1

EEEKK I can't stand her voice............ a marriage counsler PFFT... how to loose a guy in 72 days....  her dress could pass as a wedding dress. 

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