Fancy Obama Nail Polish (Mostly) Has My Vote

Obama nail polishIt's been a few months now since we first heard about the Runway to Win collection, a whole slew of products from a flock of big name designers who are showing their support for President Barack Obama during his reelection campaign. Now, there's another gem to go along with the gems from designers like Anna Wintour, Alexander Wu, and Tory Burch. Except this time, we're getting a little more fancy. Ladies, I'm talking politically inspired nail polish. I know, remain calm, I was excited too.

The Obama campaign has thrown down a whopping $10,000 on the new line of nail polish, designed by Richard Blanch of Le Metier De Beaute. The turnaround? For a casual $40, you can be one of the lucky ladies to own all three patriotic colors AND a collectible bag. Shootie!

OK, I'll admit it. I love Obama. But um, who's going to know that you're rockin' a democratically endorsed manicure if there's nothing exciting or, you know, branded about it? Isn't that half the fun?


Let's break down the color names first, shall we? We've got "Red-y To Win Red," "Victory White," and "Bo Blue" -- in honor of the First Dog.

In general, I think the whole designers for Obama idea is a great one. The man has made his campaign stylish, and if designers are game to show their support for his second round in the White House, then I say all the power to 'em.

However, like I said, I don't think anyone is going to stare at your nails and say "Oh my GOSH is that 'Red-y To Win Red'!?" There's nothing distinguishable in these colors. Compared to the Santorum sweater vest incentive, it's actually pretty pathetic.

Perhaps if Obama put sparkles in the polishes that look like his signature "O," THEN we could be talkin'. Sure, the polishes would be less wearable, but I don't think that's the point here. If you're gonna be Obamatastic, then I think you should be gung ho.

Would you splurge on Obama nail polish?


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