10 Luxury Splurges Moms Shouldn't Feel Guilty About

Ok -- be honest, moms. How many times have you almost treated yourself to a little bit of indulgence -- and then had a huge change of heart the minute you considered the costs involved? I know I've sacrificed an adorable little black dress or a trip to the spa on more than one occasion because I didn't feel like I was worth the extra cash.

As busy parents, it can be so hard to justify splurging on luxuries for ourselves when our kids have so many needs on their lists that always seem to take precedence. And aside from that, moms just seem to feel so guilty anytime we want something nice. It's like we think drooling over a pair of Manolos makes us vain or greedy or something to that effect. But it really shouldn't be that way -- because we work hard and deserve to be pampered on occasion too.


The good news is that there are quite a few beauty and style splurges that are worth shelling out a little (or a lot) of extra dough for, simply because their benefit is greater than the cost.

1. Designer Jeans - I know it can be tough to bite the bullet and purchase a pair of high-end jeans that cost upwards of $100 - $200 or so, but the truth is -- they are worth every single cent. Designer jeans cost more because of the quality of materials used to make them, and believe me, they definitely stand the test of time. I've had my favorite pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans for over 10 years now, and they still look good as new. Splurging on a couple pairs of good jeans will save you from having to buy new ones each and every year.

2. A Good Handbag - It took me a while to hop on the designer handbag bandwagon because I'm not quite past the point of having crushed Goldfish at the bottom of my purse, but now I know my Coach bag can handle my 6-year-old's snacks just fine. The straps tend to break easier on less expensive bags, so you wind up buying a new one each season. You are better off getting one good bag that can handle all of the extra "stuff" motherhood requires you to carry than constantly replacing purses.

3. Leather Jacket - This is one item that every mom needs in her closet. A leather jacket will keep you warm on chillier days, but it's also the perfect piece to dress up the jeans and t-shirt you're already wearing for dinner with your husband or a night out with the girls. You can't put a price on something this versatile.

4. Salon Visits - Gone are the days of at-home color kits and Ogilvie home perms. If you are going to color, highlight, or apply some other treatment to your hair, paying a professional to do it for you is well worth the expense. Nobody deserves a bad dye job -- nobody.

5. Workout Shoes - This is actually one I've fought for quite some time, but this spring I'm going to break down and get a good pair of shoes for working out, because my feet have suffered for way too long. As a mom, you can't risk getting some sort of injury on your morning run or trip to the gym, so investing in a pair of high-quality shoes is key.

6. Quality Skincare Products - Face it ladies, you only get one face. Now is the time to really invest in taking good care of your skin, otherwise you will regret it later on. Cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer -- get it all and start a good regimen. You're worth it.

7. Bras That Fit - Oh, boy. This is one that I really need to follow myself, because my bras have absolutely had it. Besides being uncomfortable and worrying about bra-line bulge, if you don't get the correct fit, your clothes may not even look as good on your body. Take the time to go in and get measured at least once a year -- and don't feel guilty about spending a little bit more cash.

8. Manicures and Pedicures - Ok, so manis and pedis aren't exactly essential to your physical health, but they do work wonders for your emotional and mental well being. Getting a manicure or pedicure forces you to relax, even if only for an hour or so. Doing something to make ourselves feel good isn't something we should feel bad about.

9. Swimsuits - I know -- I cringe whenever I see that word too. I've bought cheaper suits in the past, and they always seem to either ride up or fray easily. I think I'm finally realizing that it's better to break down and buy a couple of more expensive suits that actually fit than to sit on the beach and constantly pull my top up or pick my wedgie. (Classy.)

10. Fancy Dresses - Even though we don't have too many opportunities to get all dressed up, nothing quite makes you feel like a lady than putting on a fancy dress and heels. When we do have a more formal occasion pop up, we should treat ourselves and buy something that makes us feel sexy inside and out. And considering how few and far between fancy events are -- the cost is easy to justify.

What is your favorite indulgence as a mom?


Image via Mary Fischer

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