Don't Blame Demi Moore for Her Unnaturally Perfect Face

Demi Moore Helena RubensteinDemi Moore and her face are currently taking a lot of heat for what they look like in a Helena Rubenstein ad. They look poreless, lineless, and all around flawless. Now, Demi is a beautiful woman, but let's be honest here, the photo is clearly photoshopped. The actress almost doesn't even look real here -- her skin has a glow to it that quite frankly doesn't occur in non-extraterrestrials. Something computer-y was obviously done.

But. Don't hate the player here, hate the game.

What I mean is don't get all up in Demi's airbrushed face for looking so ... perfect(?), get up in Helena Rubenstein's -- the company, not the deceased woman. This is the world we live in, guys -- a world where being thin, olive-skinned, and shiny-haired isn't enough. We have to be alien-esque, as well. I know, it sucks. Because none of us are aliens. Yet.

This right here is why women -- famous women, not just me and you women -- start hitting the Botox. Why they get hooked on fillers. Why they go under the knife. Because nothing's ever good enough, and no one's ever young enough. To spell it out: The standard is set -- literally -- unattainably high.

To be totally honest -- and this isn't some B.S. feminism for the sake of the post -- I think Demi looks better in the photo to the right. In the ad, she doesn't look like a real person. She looks like a CGI creation or a cartoon. And while that may do it for some, it isn't real life.

Which photo do you prefer?

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Images via Helena Rubenstein/Jason Kempin/Getty


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jonellg jonellg

A little photoshop is expected, but this is ridiculous. If they wanted a flawless face they should have hired an 18 year old.

Freela Freela

Agreed!  As a 34-year-old woman, I sometimes catch myself looking at models/actresses who I know damn well are older than me on magazines and ads and wondering how it is that they look so good.  And then I remind myself... Photoshop!

nonmember avatar ugh

I prefer neither picture, but the photoshopped one doesn't even look like Demi Moore. It looks like they were trying to photoshop her into a Kim Kardashian Klone.

Steph Hyne

I don't like either photo either because she was way too thin and on her way to her breakdown when it was taken.  If you believe what is written in the press her desire to stay youthful and thin because of her insecurities were the reason for her breakdown.  If that's even remotely true then the photo on the left does her a really great disservice. 

Skyhook Skyhook

Rihanna.was just spotted leaving AK's house @ 4am after hanging out there all night. Haha Demi Moore, but dont kill yourself over it.

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