Awesome New Body Scanner Takes the Stress Out of Shopping for Jeans

jeansThe future is here and it's glorious -- there's now a body scanning machine that will tell you what kind of jeans will work best for your shape. All you do is step into the Bodymetrics booth and let the computer tell you what cut of denim will most flatter your hot bod. It will even recommend brands! Amazing.

I don't know about you, but I dread shopping for new jeans. Taking 10 pairs into a Bloomingdale's dressing room is my idea of hell. But it sounds like all our problems will be solved with this fancy new scanner thing-a-ma-gig. In under a minute we'll be told what pairs to go pick up and try on. Best part? The scanner has a 90 percent success rate. This thing is going to be life changing.

No more sweaty sessions in stores, hauling pair after pair to a fluorescently lit dressing room only to discover that nothing you picked up makes you look or feel good. And there are so many cut options out there, it's hard to know without putting them on what will and won't work. If you like the look of a certain pair of jeans, you have to bring like six different cuts to try on because you're not sure if you like high-rise or mid-rise or low-rise or cigarette or skinny or straight or curvy or reverse curvy or boot-cut or fitted waist or loose waist ... you get the point.

Those days might be over, though, my friends. The Bodymetrics machines will soon be in 100 stores nationwide. What stores exactly remain to be seen, but if you're in a big enough market, I'm sure your city will get one. All you gotta do is get scanned once and your jeans problem is solved for a lifetime (or for however long you keep that same figure).

Frankly, the Bodymetric scanner is a godsend and I'd like to shake the hand of the woman who came up with this idea. This is the best news since the cupcake vending machines. Things in 2012 rock.

Do you like the sound of the Bodymetrics scanner?

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magosha magosha

Sounds like a great idea, but I wouldn't rely heavily on this machine to tell me what kind of jean looks good on me. Everyone has a different body shape and unless you are a super model you do not have that general body shape that this machine probably has programmed into it. I know my body is wierd, some parts are big and some small, which makes it hard to find jeans and I highly doubt a machine will be able to tell me which jeans are good for me. Hey maybe I'm wrong, but will never find out since they will probably not put one in the malls where I live. I guess I will be sweating bullets in the fitting room for the rest of my life trying on millions of different sizes/types of jeans.frown mini

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Wow that would be amazing! I hate buying jeans. Such a chore.

nonmember avatar Laura

That would be awesome. Can they make one for bras, too?

the4m... the4mutts

I hate jeans shopping with a passion. I own more dresses just because of hating shopping for jeans.

But this is creep-tacular. I would never let some jean-genie scan my body. Blech.

Disney17 Disney17

I look good in all jeans if they fit right haha. So this wouldn't matter. Not to mention designers are different about sizes!

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