Get Noticed With This Optical Illusion Bag!

Jump From PaperMTV Style has alerted us to this new, super-cool line of bags from Taiwanese design team Chay Su and Rika Lin of Jump from Paper.

They look like cartoon drawings of luxury handbags, but they're actually real 3-D bags that can fit an iPad or laptop, wallet, and accessories.


I'm a pretty conservative dresser, but I'm always looking for standout accessories to keep things interesting --

This line of bags definitely fits the bill. And the prices aren't bad, either!

Click through to see more bags and their reasonable price tags!



Jump from PaperThis bowling bag is available for $89 ...


Jump from PaperOr you could opt for the Bonjour! bag for $99 ....


Jump from PaperThis 'Cheese!' bag is cute, and $99.


Jump from PaperAnd so is this Play Hooky bag, also $99.

They're all really cute, and I can pretty much guarantee that 1) no one else will have a bag like yours, and 2) your bag will get a LOT of attention.

Check out the Bowling Bag on this style blogger -- it's truly amazing!

What do you think of Jump from Paper's bags? Would you carry one? Personally, I think they should expand to dresses!


Images via Jump from Paper

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