Beyonce Is Just Fooling Us Into Thinking She Has a Bangin' Post-Baby Body (VIDEO)

beyonceSoooo Beyonce looks amazing. The 30-year-old mom who gave birth two months ago made an appearance last night at a fundraising event hosted by Michelle Obama, and, yeah, flawless. And we're not talking post-baby flawless here. We're talking never had a baby/never set foot in a hospital/never slept less than 10 hours a night -- in her life -- flawless. The heck?

The singer wore a navy blue, body-conscious, just-below-the-knee Victoria Beckham dress, and there didn't seem to be a solitary ounce of pregnancy weight around her mid-section. What's her secret? Pilates? Five Ks every morning? A diet where she's allowed to eat anything she wants for one minute a day?

Doubt it. No, I know why Beyonce looks all amazing and taut and non-lumpy right now  ...

Shapewear! Right? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure Beyonce looks fantastic underneath her dress to boot (Is that weird to say?), but I'd bet my life that she's got on a pair of Spanx or two underneath that dress -- which, incidentally, also happens to be super flattering.

After I give birth, I'm anticipating that not only will my new daughter be my best friend, but so will a solid pair of Spanx or shapewear of some sort. I've seen them work wonders on new moms (and non moms), and I most surely will invest in something myself. And, of course, a few dresses and pants that have the ever-living crap tailored out of them.

So, yeah, let's all go on thinking that the reason Beyonce looks so ri-god-damn-amazing is because of shapewear. And a wonderfully-tailored dress. We'll all be much happier that way.

Check out a video of Beyonce in her bad-ass blue dress. Werk it.

Have any postpartum tricks of the trade you want to share?


Image via Pacific Coast News


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nonmember avatar Chrissy

I know all the haters are going to come out saying, "It's because she never had a baby!" I can speak from experience that when I was pregnant w/ my first child, @ full term, I only looked to be about 5 months along. My son was a healthy 7lb 8oz, 19 1/2in. baby. After only 6 days of giving birth, ran into some friends that I hadn't seen since I had first got pregnant, and they thougt I had given birth several months before and couldn't believe it had only been 6 days because I did not look "like I had just had a baby". Several people told me they never would have thought I had even been pregnant, because right after having my son, I was back to almost my pre-pregnancy weight (I had gained 22lbs through the entire pregnancy and had lost all but 7lbs by the time I went home.) I guess the point I am trying to make, is that not all people get huge when they are pregnant and carry their "baby fat" differently. My next child I was not as fortunate as I was with the first!

Melis... Melissa042807

My body bounced back pretty quick after Baby #1 (and he was a 9 pounder!) but Spanx were still my best friend as the sogginess around the middle went back to normal. I'm anticipating an even quicker bounce-back with this baby (I'm 7 months pregnant) because I started at a lower weight and have gained less weight. And women tell me "I hate you" in the most sickly sweet lovey dovey manner. Oh well. Everyone's body is different. 

My mother-in-law is super tall and rail-thin, has been her entire life, and the nurse who was pushing her wheelchair down to the car after she was discharged totally did not believe she had just had a baby. She literally left the hospital looking like she did before she got pregnant. It does happen. 

craft... craftycatVT

I looked better 2 months after giving birth than I do now. It was all because I was breastfeeding.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Ok. That's final. I'm getting me some Spanx.

mompam mompam

Spanx definitely help but they can't work miracles. I'm sure she has a trainer.

emmas... emmasmama2007

I agree she has more than enough money for trainers, chefs, nannies to get back into shape. Although everyone's body is different. I gained aprox 22 lbs. with both of my children and got my pre baby body back fast, bf did help me a lot though, I think so anyway.

nonmember avatar Monica

it may not be spanx, it just very well may be honest hard work on her part. I delivered my 3rd baby this January, 7 days after she was born I was back in my jeans, and 12 days later I was at my pre-pregnancy weight (I gained 19lbs total pregnant with my daughter and she was 8lbs 5oz at birth). it can be done. if you take care of yourself and your body, eat right by your body and your baby and not just use pregnancy as an excuse to eat "whatever you want" and not move. I worked out all my pregnancy (did a half marathon at 26wks), the last two months I slowed down to just walking but I was walking 3-4 miles a day. and I went back to working out (even with the sleep deprivation) two weeks after my daughter was born. right now, my baby girl being 2 1/2 mos I wear sweater dresses that are as form fitting as the one Beyonce is wearing in the picture and they look great on me, no spanx. it's called working out! I got back to doing ab work 3wks post partum and I do it every day. and you know what? I do it for myself, cause I feel best when I workout and treat my body right and that helps me be a better mom to my two kiddos (8yo girl and 5yo boy) and my baby girl.

Snook... SnookiBoo

Isn't there an 8 week recovery period for C-sections?  She can't be working out too hard if she indeed had a C-section...just saying...

Stacey. Stacey.

It took me a year to get my stomach sagginess to go away, even though the rest of me went back to normal right away.

Im sure if I didnt have to work and could spend all day walking and doing exercises it would have been much faster. unofrtunately I have a desk job so after sitting at work all day, all i wanted to do was go home and cuddle my baby.

Emily Kroeker

She obviously was in great shape when she got pregnant and probably stayed in great shape while she was pregnant. It's no wonder she bounced back so quickly. Plus, a personal trainer and chef and the best Spanx money can buy couldn't hurt either!

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