Beyonce Is Just Fooling Us Into Thinking She Has a Bangin' Post-Baby Body (VIDEO)

beyonceSoooo Beyonce looks amazing. The 30-year-old mom who gave birth two months ago made an appearance last night at a fundraising event hosted by Michelle Obama, and, yeah, flawless. And we're not talking post-baby flawless here. We're talking never had a baby/never set foot in a hospital/never slept less than 10 hours a night -- in her life -- flawless. The heck?

The singer wore a navy blue, body-conscious, just-below-the-knee Victoria Beckham dress, and there didn't seem to be a solitary ounce of pregnancy weight around her mid-section. What's her secret? Pilates? Five Ks every morning? A diet where she's allowed to eat anything she wants for one minute a day?

Doubt it. No, I know why Beyonce looks all amazing and taut and non-lumpy right now  ...


Shapewear! Right? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure Beyonce looks fantastic underneath her dress to boot (Is that weird to say?), but I'd bet my life that she's got on a pair of Spanx or two underneath that dress -- which, incidentally, also happens to be super flattering.

After I give birth, I'm anticipating that not only will my new daughter be my best friend, but so will a solid pair of Spanx or shapewear of some sort. I've seen them work wonders on new moms (and non moms), and I most surely will invest in something myself. And, of course, a few dresses and pants that have the ever-living crap tailored out of them.

So, yeah, let's all go on thinking that the reason Beyonce looks so ri-god-damn-amazing is because of shapewear. And a wonderfully-tailored dress. We'll all be much happier that way.

Check out a video of Beyonce in her bad-ass blue dress. Werk it.

Have any postpartum tricks of the trade you want to share?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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