Gorgeous Swimsuit Model Arrested for Allegedly Moonlighting as a Drug Lord (VIDEO)

simone farrowWe all know that sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll go well together, but there's new evidence that sex, drugs, and Ed Hardy make a winning threesome, too. Simone Farrow, a former Penthouse Pet, swimsuit and Ed Hardy model was just arrested in Australia for allegedly running an international drug ring. Apparently Farrow, 37, was shipping methamphetamine in FedEx packages to regular mailbox addresses around the world, and as you well know, that's a no-no. Farrow, who used 19 different aliases during her reign, was eventually found in a seedy motel on Australia's Gold Coast after missing court dates in Sydney. She claims she wasn't running from the police -- she insists she was on the move because she was scared she was a target for murder. Uh oh.


Farrow admits to having connections to some of the world's seediest underworld figures, and it's been said that she shipped the meth concealed in bath salt containers. One of the members of her trafficking network committed suicide after U.S. officials contacted him.

This is one sticky situation for Farrow. On the one hand, you can't be a dumb ass and be an international drug lording mastermind. On the other, you have to be a dumb ass to be an international drug lording mastermind.

Even though it's not necessarily shocking to read that a fashion model is caught up in a whirlwind of drug using and selling, it's sad nonetheless. The modelling industry has a reputation for being a dangerous place for a young woman -- a recent survey of 81 models revealed that 50 percent had been exposed to cocaine while on a job and 28 percent felt pressure to have sex with someone at work. Not exactly a welcoming work place.

As the industry works hard to clean up its image, hopefully Farrow's downward spiral will snap some girls out of it who were finding themselves on a similar path. It's all fun and games until you're in solitary confinement for felony drug trafficking.

Watch Farrow's story:

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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