Hilariously Sassy Shaving Ad Makes Us Want to Buy $1 Razors (VIDEO)

dollar shave clubFinally, after centuries of over-promising ads that promote unrealistic ideas of beauty, there comes a man whose commercial tells it like it is. Michael Dubin, the man and the face behind the Dollar Shave Club, has taken the Internet, and our hearts, by storm with a hilarious viral ad for his start-up razor company. Oh, it may sound utterly boring, but it's anything but. Dubin is very, very funny, and his cheap razors? Well. They practically sell themselves.


Dubin and his team realize that humor, honesty, and a good product are all that people really want. We've been tricked into thinking we need razors, or any beauty product, really, with one million bells and whistles, when all we really need is something that's good and gets the job done. And if the reviews have anything to say, it sounds like the dollar razors aren't bad, aren't bad at all.

Watch and enjoy!

Do you find that some of the simplest beauty products are the best?


Photo via dollarshaveclub/YouTube

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