Ashley Judd Skirts Plastic Surgery Rumors With Totally Outlandish Excuse

ashley juddI've always liked Ashley Judd. I've never really been a fan of her movies per se, but I always thought the actress seemed smart, and carried herself with poise (And clearly she's drop-dead gorgeous). So I'm kind of disappointed that the normally straight-shooting Judd is saying her puffy face is all because of a sinus infection. Come on, Ashley, we may be dumb, but we're not stupid.

Judd recently appeared on a Canadian talk show to promote her new TV show, Missing, and once she did, boom, the rumor mill went a spinning. The actress' face looked remarkably different from how it normally does -- her cheeks were, well, way chubbier than usual. This, of course, leads people to believe that she underwent some type of cosmetic procedure.  But Ashley says, "Nope." She's sticking to the story that the puffiness is all because of a nasty sinus infection she's been battling -- and the steroids she's been taking because of it. According to her rep: "Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu, and has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it." Riiight.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of things, MSNBC quoted Dr. Vincent Chan, a nose and throat doctor specializing in sinus disease, who said that steroids, which are used for sinus infections, can cause puffiness -- but only when used long term. He stated: "Generally, when steroids are given for sinus infection, they're given for 10 days to two weeks. Usually those types of regimens -- steroids for sinusitis -- don't cause that sort of problem." Mmm-hmm.

Look, no one can say for sure that Ashley injected fillers into her face, or got implants or whatever -- and clearly, she's not going to admit it. But let this be a lesson to all the syringe-lovers in Hollywood: If -- and I said if -- you're going to undergo some sort of cosmetic procedure, best do it a solid month or so before you need to be in the public eye. Otherwise, stuff like this happens. And you -- and your PR team -- don't want that.

Do you think Ashley Judd had work done?


Image via Dario Cantatore/Getty



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jasmi... jasmineg86

from the pic above, it just looks like she gained a few pounds- especially in her chin. my face does the same thing when i'm holding extra weight i shouldnt be. maybe better to let it be. i doubt any network is letting the star of their new show get too much done with it being a contract violation.

vamom08 vamom08

Its her face if she want to look like a blowfish thats her business people need to get a life.

nonmember avatar Lexi Jordan

One of the most common side effects from steroids is a puffy face. She actually also has a viral infection, some of which (especially if its in the respiratory tract) need steroids for a longer period of time. If she needed a high dose for longer than a 10-14 days, she would slowly have to wean off of them as you cannot just stop taking them or you will have major side effects. Some people get the puffy faces within a month so maybe you should have done some research into this before you wrote this article bashing her!

linzemae linzemae

I agree with jasmine. Also, she said she was on steroIds and they can give you "moon face"

Badge83 Badge83

Definitely just a side effect of steroid treatment (like prednisone or methylprednisolone). Hefty doses can disrupt electrolyte balances. Sodium retention = edema. I hate "doctor" interviews, sure they can recommend an appropriate course of treatment but they are not nearly as well informed about the med. as a pharmacist. Just let it go.

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Who flippin cares? She is BEAUTIFUL. My guess is that she gain an extra 2 lbs and it all showed up in her face. Do you think she would be shouting to the world that she gained weight when the media in this country is so freakin harsh on celebrities and their weight?

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

I think she looks fantastic. To me, like others have said, it looks like maybe she put on a little weight.  Either way, she looks good. And if she did have work done, who cares? It's her business and if she doesn't want to admit it, no big deal to me. If she gained a few pounds, well she looks good so again, who cares? Maybe she is on steroids for something else and just wants to keep it to herself. She has no obligation to tell us of her medical issues and why she may be taking certain meds.

ldbc ldbc

I am buying the steroid story. Steroids really do puff out the face. But who really cares anyway? If she did have a procedure done to her face, why does the media have to make such a big deal about it. Millions of women would love to look like her!

Kestr... Kestrel11

Clearly you have never had chronic sinus infection or gone through YEARS of having it make your face distorted & puffy with each attack. Do your research before you judge people, especially for their appearance. Ashley is beautiful regardless.

lovin... lovinallofthem

i dunno know, i thought she may have had face stuff done when i saw the previews to her new show... she does look A LOT different in the face than her last mo vie/ dolphin tale..  and agreed, if you dont want rumors started then get it done way way wayyyyyy before the tv circuit you are required to do.. duh

if not, she really needs a better doc for the steroid treatment she is getting, im an asthmatic and get steriods often, and if my own face puffs, i def. go in and have the regiment changed pronto...another duh.

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