Ashley Judd Skirts Plastic Surgery Rumors With Totally Outlandish Excuse

ashley juddI've always liked Ashley Judd. I've never really been a fan of her movies per se, but I always thought the actress seemed smart, and carried herself with poise (And clearly she's drop-dead gorgeous). So I'm kind of disappointed that the normally straight-shooting Judd is saying her puffy face is all because of a sinus infection. Come on, Ashley, we may be dumb, but we're not stupid.


Judd recently appeared on a Canadian talk show to promote her new TV show, Missing, and once she did, boom, the rumor mill went a spinning. The actress' face looked remarkably different from how it normally does -- her cheeks were, well, way chubbier than usual. This, of course, leads people to believe that she underwent some type of cosmetic procedure.  But Ashley says, "Nope." She's sticking to the story that the puffiness is all because of a nasty sinus infection she's been battling -- and the steroids she's been taking because of it. According to her rep: "Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu, and has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it." Riiight.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of things, MSNBC quoted Dr. Vincent Chan, a nose and throat doctor specializing in sinus disease, who said that steroids, which are used for sinus infections, can cause puffiness -- but only when used long term. He stated: "Generally, when steroids are given for sinus infection, they're given for 10 days to two weeks. Usually those types of regimens -- steroids for sinusitis -- don't cause that sort of problem." Mmm-hmm.

Look, no one can say for sure that Ashley injected fillers into her face, or got implants or whatever -- and clearly, she's not going to admit it. But let this be a lesson to all the syringe-lovers in Hollywood: If -- and I said if -- you're going to undergo some sort of cosmetic procedure, best do it a solid month or so before you need to be in the public eye. Otherwise, stuff like this happens. And you -- and your PR team -- don't want that.

Do you think Ashley Judd had work done?


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