Drew Barrymore Proves Colored Denim Is a Staple, Not a Trend

drew barrymoreSo last spring, the trend du jour was colored denim. It was everywhere. It was like an explosion of color below the belt. Wait. That sounded bad. Anyway, you know what I mean. It was as if everyone had never worn colorful pants before and we all ran out to get our hands on brick red skinny jeans, pale peach cigarette cords, and bright yellow straight leg chinos. Now, a year later, the trend's going strong. Drew Barrymore was spotted in Paris this week working some hot teal pants, brown motorcycle boots, and an over-sized jacket and cap. (She hiding something behind that bag and big coat? A pregnancy perhaps?)

I think she looks pretty great from the waist down, don't you? Maybe brightly colored pants aren't a trend, they're a staple. Oh yeah, I went there.


It's possible, you know. Jennifer Lopez is on board.

Remember when skinny jeans were just a trend? Remember when it was only a few girls you'd see wearing them instead of everyone wearing them? Remember when you were all I'm never giving up my boot cuts! and now you're all I can't believe I ever wore boot cuts! Yeah. Me too. That's how trends become staples. They trick us into thinking they're a fleeting style, then they slowly creep into our psyches and take the heck over.

Perhaps that's what's happening with intensely hued denim. Drew's still into it. And, true to trend-cum-staple form, I've been pretty against them ... until now. Now I think I must purchase a pair immediately if not sooner. They're taking over my brain, one rivet at a time.

Do you think colored denim is on its way to becoming a staple?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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