Kate Upton’s Banned Commercial Is, Yeah, Offensive (VIDEO)

kate uptonJust a few months ago, Kate Upton was just some hot young model who did the Dougie at a Knicks game. Now, after being chosen to cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Kate's been all up in our grills. She filmed a, how should we say, suggestive commercial for California burger joint Carl's Jr, and now she's making news for her latest, er, evocative ad. This one for Zoo York has apparently crossed the line, though, because MTV's refused to air it, same with Adult Swim.

It's basically two gross cockroaches talking about how they'd do Kate from behind, in front, or whatever, just as long as her vagina is waxed. Nice!


I don't care if it's a double entendre that can be applied to the skate boarding boys, it's just, it's not funny. It's not cute. And it's pretty patently offensive. I can understand why even progressive networks are refusing to air this piece of work.

Check out the ad for yourself:

Do you think this would be OK to air on TV (even if the curse words were bleeped out)?


Photo via zooyorkmedia/YouTube

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