Charlize Theron’s New Mom Glow Is Her Best Accessory

charlize theronCharlize Theron is a new mom to son Jackson she recently adopted and (most) everyone is really excited for her. A baby is a blessing and if I may judge from the interviews she's given, she seems like a warm, loving, and caring person who will make a wonderful parent. As many of you know, though, being a new mom can suddenly and all-encompassingly take over your life. In the best way possible, of course, but still, sometimes you just wish you could have 5 minutes to take a gosh darn shower.

Charlize is a little different than most of us, not only because she's stunningly gorgeous and has legs for years, not days, but because she has to keep up her flawless appearance on the regs. Even though she's not recovering from giving birth, we know she'll have some sleepless nights and harried days. So will her style reflect her new status as Mom?


If her appearance at the The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Powerful Stylists luncheon in L.A. is any evidence, then no, she's not. In a plunging V-neck black blazer and short black skirt (or is the whole thing a dress?), Charlize was looking fresh to death.

She's a professional when it comes to style and beauty, and with a team of helpers doting on her, I'm sure it's easy for her to get ready for an event like this. But I'm sure if we look closely, if we zoom in real tight on her face, we'll see some bags under her eyes, some dried milk on her lip, and an unmistakable glow that can only be attributed to her happiness as Mommy to Jackson.

New moms always look a little sleepy, but they always look a lot happy. And what better beauty accessory is there than a warm smile? Congrats, Charlize!

Did your style change after you became a mom?


Photo via Splash News

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