'Mad Men' Style Is Back! (PHOTOS)

Mad MenSet your DVRs -- Mad Men is coming back to AMC on March 25!

I for one can't wait. It has been far, far too long since the last season, and I'm just hoping this new season lives up to my expectations. I adore most of the actors in Mad Men, and the writing for the show is superb. But there's another reason I'm glued to my screen episode after episode ...

It's the fashion! Janie Bryant's '60s-era costumes, not to mention the retro hair and makeup, are so fun to ogle. I think I could have lived in the '60s very happily. Wait. They didn't have Internet, did they? Strike that.

We still have to wait a few more days for the season premiere, but the good news is that photos from this season are out now! Let's take a look at the women of Mad Men!



Mad MenBetty Draper's divine dresses are my favorite fashions on the show. I covet her closet. And by the way -- Betty Draper's Dresses, that's a great band name, isn't it?


Mad MenClearly, Christina Hendricks has not lost her title as the hottest curvy actress in Hollywood. And no, I'm not using "curvy" as a nice word for "fat." I think Christina looks awesome.


Mad MenCat eye eyeliner and nude lips? Love it. I'm also wanting those chandelier-style earrings ...


Mad MenThis dress is just pure awesome.


Mad MenThis, though? Meh. I love the character of Peggy and think she's well played. Her character's style, though, is seriously lacking.

Are you excited about the premiere of Mad Men? Do you watch it for the costumes?


Images via AMC

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