Kardashian Sisters Look a Little Too Sun-Kissed in New Ad

kardashian kollectionKim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian are no strangers to the magic of Photoshop. The sisters have been accused numerous times of trimming a little here and smoothing a little there in an attempt to look, well, superhuman. And you know? I say, who cares. They essential are superhuman as is, and every other celebrity in Hollywood dips their toes in Retouch Lake. Why shouldn't they?

So, the totally obvious Photoshop job on their latest Kardashian Kollection ad isn't bothering me in the least. But the overzealous self-tanned bronzing situation they've got going on is. What happened?


As Huffington Post points out, Kim looks pretty normal in the ad with her dewy golden complexion -- but Kourtney and Khloe? (Especially Khloe!) They look like they were dipped in a vat of melted burnt orange crayons and left to dry. Why, ladies, why? Your skin-tones are perfectly lovely as is.

Bronzers and self-tanners are one of those beauty products I have a love-hate relationship with. I love that they can give us a sun-kissed look sans the cancer and wrinkles, but I hate how ... well, I hate how they look. Unless applied with painstaking attention -- or by a professional -- self-tanners always wind up looking unnatural. (I'm talking facial self-tanners here; as far as body ones go, I'm all about Kate Somerville 'Somerville360' -- it's amazing! [And no I'm not being paid to say that!]).

So, with this said, you'd think that the Kardashians -- or the Kardashians' makeup artists -- wouldn't use such a heavy hand when applying the stuff. When it comes to bronzers, I'm a firm believer that less is always more. That's just me, though. I think the Kardashians tend to skew more on the "more is more" side.

Have you found a great self-tanner? Please, tell me!


Image via Sears

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