Jennifer Aniston's Monthly Beauty Bill Is HOW MUCH?

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is the beauty envy of millions of women across the world. Despite being 43, the actress has a dewiness and glow to her skin that seems to (naturally) only occur in 23-year-olds. And then there's her hair. It's shiny and healthy and always perfectly "sun-kissed." Oh, and her body, too. Yeah, it's incredibly toned and all around amazing (those arms!). And let's not forget about her teeth, and her nails, and everything in between. In short, woman looks gooood.

But, obviously, all of this comes at a price. A steep price, actually. The Daily Mail just broke down the actress' monthly beauty bill, and ohmahgah, is it expensive! It takes a lot of work -- a boatloads of cash -- to make Jennifer Aniston look natural.

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The rough sum they came up with is $8,000. A month. Eight-thousand dollars a month! That's almost a year's worth of rent for me! That's four 10-day trips to France! That's ... insane(ly awesome). No wonder she looks as good as she does -- we all would look like Jen if we had her money. Here's the breakdown:

  • Euoko neck cream made with crystals from the planet Mars, $450
  • Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials, $50.
  • Tracie Martyn goodie bag of products, $390
  • Mila Moursi Rejuvinating Serum, $350
  • Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, $2.50
  • Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, $40
  • Private yoga sessions with Mandy Ingber, $$3,500
  • Dietitian Carrie Watt's delivery service, $2,700

No, the Mars crystals thing isn't a joke. I just looked it up. And yes, I'm just as shocked as you are, and yes!, I have questions, too. (Who shoots off and actually gets the crystals? Does NASA really work for Jennifer Aniston?) And, remember peeps, this list is rough. Nowhere in here does it mention hair appointments or those crazy facial peels she has an affinity for. I bet in actuality, her monthly bill is closer to $10 grand.

Does all of this crap seem a little excessive? Of course. Would I do it if I had Jen's money? Of course. Why not? This isn't a tiny dent in our girl's bank account. But, I will say: Hot damn, does all this seem exhausting. Maybe she should add "massage" to the list.

Would you do all this if you had the money?

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Bmat Bmat

Thanks for looking it up, Skyhook. I see they didn't come from Mars - although maybe if a chunk of Mars fell on the Earth some of the minerals scattered and so they came from Mars. I can see how they might advertise Mars crystals if they were like a mineral found on Mars.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

Well it's working. She's beauuuutiful. If I had her money, I'd do similar.

Lisa Darnley Nice

IF this is accurate, it really wouldn't be exhauxting. Just expenive! I use MUCH cheaper versions of much of that, and work out regularly, and have 4 kids and I'm not exhausted. And if I could afford the concoctions to make me look 10 yrs younger without surgery, damn straight I would do it too!!


Mumma Bear Kilpela

Well it is her job to look good, and if I had the money and a simliar job, I suppose I would do the same...I think the Mars Cream is a little out there though...

megatari megatari

I agree, definitely a business investment for her. She's not going to get jobs if she's not taking care of her body and looks!

aneela aneela

if i had all the money in the world...sure id take a lot better care and buy more stuff to help...but dont have the $$$

Smile... SmileyMoo

That's entirely too exhausted for me. Even if I HAD the money and it sounds like a ton of chemicals too. So...nope. I wouldn't do it even if I had the money. :)

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