Skimpy Brazilian Bikinis Are Finally Suit-Able for Moms

Ugh. It's all well and good that it's finally getting warmer outside, but I think that most moms would agree that despite the better temperatures, we're all still dreading bikini season. Nothing is quite as cringe worthy as the idea of swimsuit shopping, right? Even when I was a perfectly svelte size-2 back when I got married, I still shuddered at the thought of trying on a minuscule piece of material in a dimly lit dressing room. (Little did I know that things were only going to get worse).

Bikinis are skimpy enough -- but Brazilian bikinis are a whole other story. Up until recently, the bottoms were barely large enough to be considered anything other than a piece of dental floss. I never understood how wearing a piece clothing resembling the size of an oral care product could be comfortable, and thankfully, Brazilian swimwear designers are wising up and realizing that most women want a lot more coverage on the beach.


Get this one -- they're actually starting to make bathing suits that come in sizes other than "nonexistent" and "barely there." It turns out that there are women living in Brazil who aren't rail-thin and perfect, and that's why these companies have decided to beef up their inventory a bit  -- even adding plus-sized lines into the mix. Can I get a huge Amen?

Swimsuit sizes run incredibly small as it is, so offering a wider range of sizes really caters to the female population as a whole instead of only accommodating skinny-minnies. And what's so great about these new Brazilian suits is that they are still being designed to be sexy -- offering plunging necklines, and string straps that are typically associated with tiny bikinis. Sexy should never be defined by the number on a size label, and it's awesome that designers are finally realizing that. (What took them so long)?

But even though Brazilian bikinis a little more figure friendly, I'm still considering hanging up my bikinis all together and switching to a one-piece bathing suit for good. In the long run, I'd rather be covered up and confident than be constantly worried about whether too much is hanging out.

Will you be wearing a bikini or a one-piece this summer?


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