Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Lawrence Showed Plenty of Skin at ‘Hunger Games’ Premiere

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miley cyrusI'm a huge believer in the philosophy behind the phrase, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" and it looks like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence are big fans of the concept too. Both of these lovely ladies dared to bare a little skin at the premiere of Hunger Games yesterday, and both of their looks worked perfectly. Not that you'd really expect anything less from girls who are 19 and 21, respectively. It's a whole lot more visually pleasing to let a few body parts stick out when you haven't been through a pregnancy yet. I'm just sayin'.

Miley turned some serious heads on the "red" carpet (which was actually black) with this belly-baring outfit. Can you blame her for wanting to show off those flat abs? Baring your midriff can be a bit risky and can also look kind of trashy, but this get-up really seemed to suit Miley and her personality. She's young and hip, so why not dress the part?

Miley's outfit had just the right amount of sex appeal for a gal her age without being too over-the-top. She rocked that look y'all.

Jennifer Lawrence may have kept her mid-section under wraps, but another part of her body certainly drew quite a bit of buzz and attention. She wowed the crowd in this stunning gold dress, which showed off her perfectly toned back, not to mention her flawless skin.

These photos of Jennifer were actually taken at the premiere by The Stir's own Sheri Reed -- how awesome is it that she got to go to LA for it? (None of us are the least bit jealous -- I swear.)

jennifer lawrence

jennifer lawrence

You have to be in pretty incredible shape to pull off a back-baring dress like that. The strip of material down the middle could potentially bring new meaning to the term "bra-line bulge," but obviously that's not something that Jennifer Lawrence has to worry about. Lucky gal.

Most moms (myself included) consider themselves to be well past the point of exposing too much skin. But it sure is fun to admire these young girls' outfits and live vicariously through them!

Are you excited to see Hunger Games when it comes out?


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Images via Splash/Sheri Reed

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Sierr... SierraLynn

I like mileys outfit. She looks her age, and its not to, to much. She looks good. As for the gold dress. Bleh, no I think its awful, wish I could see the front though. But the shiny hold is just, bad.

linzemae linzemae

Mileys is meh.... Jennifers is gorgeous!

Sidthe Sidthe

WOW I think they both look they're age and they're both gorgeous!

aneela aneela

i like miley's outfit

daerc... daerca574

Very excited to watch the film!!!

heath... heathermichelle

I am excited to see it. Miley looks great

lalas... lalasmama2007

I'll probably wait until it comes out on blu-ray.

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

They are both pretty.  My oldest and I are going to see it in the theaters.

Mrs.P... Mrs.Pool2Be

I am not going to watch The Hunger Games.

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