Cindy Crawford Is Jealous of Her Daughter: Can You Blame Her? (VIDEO)

cindy crawford kaiaIt's tough for most moms to come to terms with aging, but it has to be way more difficult for someone like Cindy Crawford, whose entire career was based on looking youthful and flawless. Granted, at 46 years old, Cindy really doesn't look that much different than she did in her 20s. To say that she's aged well would be a very huge understatement, that's for sure.

Cindy has such an honest and refreshing take on the process of getting older, and recently said she has her good days -- and her bad ones, when it comes to how she feels about her appearance. Doesn't that sentiment pretty much sum up how every mom feels about their looks? None of us loves everything about ourselves 100 percent of the time, right?

Aside from being a supermodel, Cindy also has a unique situation with aging, because her 10-year old daughter, Kaia, is pretty much a virtual carbon copy of her. And Cindy isn't afraid to admit that she sometimes gets a little bit jealous of her little girl's insane good looks.


She told the Daily Mail:

I look at my daughter and I'm like, "You have my old skin and I want it back! You have my old legs, I want them back! You have my old hair, I want it back!"

Looking at Kaia has to be somewhat like looking in a mirror for Cindy, so it's easy to see why she feels this way! Take a closer look at the photo above -- she really isn't kidding about how much she looks like her. They're like twins! If I had to stare at a miniature version of myself day in and day out, I'd probably have a little bit of an envious vibe going on too.

Of course, Kaia is Cindy's daughter, and I highly doubt that she was being vain or is truly jealous of her. Like any parent, Cindy wants what's best for her little girl, which is likely why she pulled the plug on her starting a modeling career for at least a few more years. You can hear more about Kaia's short-lived modeling gig in the video clip below. She may be out of the spotlight for now, but I highly doubt we've seen the last of her. She may even have the potential to be an even bigger supermodel than her mom!


Do you ever envy your daughter's looks?


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