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A spa treatment is often a mystery to us moms...kind of like the state of our private area when we're pregnant. Who has time for that kind of stuff, right? And who wants to spend money on a rub-down your husband can give to you. OK...don't answer that last one. We all know how hard it is to get your man to whip out some oil for a proper massage. (Sorry, honey!)

I had a chat with Dorothy Kim, Massage Therapist and Aesthetician at Body by Brooklyn Spa & Lounge in NYC and she told me how a spa visit can not only make us happier, but healthier and more sane, too. And all that will certainly make us better mommies!


Top 3 Reasons Moms Should Book a Spa Appointment

  1. It will keep you sane. You'll have some time alone without the kids to de-stress. The spa is a great escape because it allows moms to safely release all of the burdens they have been bottling up from their families and jobs and let go in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  2. It will keep you healthy. Massage therapy is not just for pampering, but it is a great way to maintain the body and alleviate chronic pain. Spa treatments have also been proven to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and remove toxins.
  3. It will make you happy. A visit to the spa is not only a retreat for the body, it's essential for the mind as well. Spa goers have permission to let go and leave recharged and ready to face the world. It boosts endorphins and makes people feel happy and calm.


Top 3 Reasons We Don't Spa & Why We Should Re-Consider

  1. We feel guilty for time away for ourselves. Everyone benefits from a nurtured mother. Well watered roots always give birth to a great tree. As a mother, your role is the most important. And caring for yourself will pave the way for your family to do the same for themselves.
  2. We think it's always too expensive. It's nice to get away without taking days off work or booking a flight. A spa visit is like taking a mini-vacation without having to break the bank. Spas offer discount packages and seasonal deals. Moms can benefit by subscribing to their local spas mailing list to ensure they receive the best of what the spa has to offer.
  3. We have no time. By visiting the spa, you're providing yourself with better balance, patience, and control, which will make you more organized and competent in your every day tasks. So the time you take out for pampering will create more efficiency in your everyday lifestyle.

Thanks, Dorothy!

I'm making an appointment, what about you?

Body by Brooklyn is in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York. They offer yoga, massage, facials, and more. Check out their website for more information.

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