Gwyneth Paltrow Unleashes Her Inner Rebel With Spring's Wildest Trend (VIDEO)

metallic shoesConstruction workers and tough, bad ass chicks everywhere are more stylish than they may think. According to the trends at Paris Fashion week, steel toe shoes are in, and the shinier and pointy-er, the better. At the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition in the City of Light, Kristen Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow both showed off their inner rebel by wearing some high heel pumps with metallic toe caps.

This footwear look is supposedly super hot for spring, so I guess that means it's time to get out the wallet and fork over a few hundo for a pair of our own, or time to get out the glue gun and bedazzler and start DIYing the crap out of some old heels because, as you know, these metallic toe patches aren't going to make themselves.


There is, however, a happy medium if you don't want to buy Louis Vuitton heels nor make your own. Since the trend is gaining speed off the runway, there are a few affordable pairs out there that have a metal toe cap that aren't, you know, Timberlands or Doc Martins.

For example, Zara has an awesome pair for $90. We can always count on the Spanish retailer to knock off some of the hottest trends and make them somewhat affordable for the everyday Josephina like you and me. Their heel would look great paired with blousy white shorts and a cute tank -- what I like most about this spring footwear trend is that it adds structure and strength to any outfit and looks equally awesome with pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts.

Watch to see how K Stew and Gwyneth wear their metallic toe cap heels and go ahead, start visualizing how you're going to rock the look:

What do you think of this new footwear trend?


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