Faith Hill's Makeup-Free Face Should Teach Moms a Lesson

faith hillFaith Hill is such a gorgeous woman, but it looks like even she has days where she could use a little extra effort in the hair and makeup department. This photo of Faith was taken as she arrived at the Sydney airport with her family, and as you can see, she looked a bit on the rough side to say the least. OMG. She must have been mortified to see photographers when she got off that flight!

Of course, no one would expect Faith to look picture perfect after a long plane ride, but it's pretty hard not to notice that her hair is kind of a hot mess, and the fact that she isn't wearing an ounce of makeup really makes her show her age a bit more. At first glance, it's actually hard to believe this picture is of Faith Hill at all! She looks exhausted and very run down -- and she could really use a dab or two of concealer.


And even if Faith didn't have her cosmetics packed in her carry-on bag because of the limitations on what products you can bring on board, there are a couple essential beauty tools that she could've stashed in her purse to freshen up her look just a tad before the flight landed. A pair of big sunglasses would've at least hidden the bags under her eyes, and a travel sized tube of tinted moisturizer at least would have made her look a bit less pasty. Both of those items fit easily in any handbag, and require little to no effort as far as beauty routines go.

As moms, we don't always have time to beautify ourselves, especially while traveling, but Faith serves as a great reminder that putting in an extra 5-10 minutes of effort to throw on a little makeup and run a comb through your hair is definitely worth it. You never know who you are going to run into -- even if you aren't a celebrity -- so it's better to be prepared than to wind up blushing from embarrassment.

Do you ever leave the house without makeup?


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Image via Splash

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