5 Ways to Wear Neon Without Being a Bad Flashback to the '80s

neon topNeon clothing is a tough sell. I can't say I'm a huge fan of day-glow colors when it comes to fashion. It gives me flashbacks of some very unfortunate clothing choices I may or may not have made back in the 80s. Cringe. However, I have been loving some more subtle neon touches that can make your look very stylish.

Like this Vanilla Drop Shoulder Blouse by Plenty from Tracy Reese. It's gorgeous, isn't it? That bright neon orange looks beautiful as a trim. The only problem is this top is $168 -- unless of course you have that kind of cash to spend in which case you should buy this ... and one for me.

But if you want some much less expensive picks -- and how to wear neon without reflecting all over town -- check out these great ideas ....



Try a neon bracelet.

Vanessa Mooney's Hallie Neon Wraps ($38) from Free People is a bright pop of yellow but you can wear this with your non-neon everyday wear. I kind of want this in a few different neon colors and wear them all together.

neon bracelet

Or a top that isn't solid neon.

Contrast Striped Tee ($39.50) from J. Crew would look sweet with jeans and the neon is muted thanks to the white stripes.

striped neon top

How about a neon belt?

Something like the ASOS Fluro Skinny Belt ($10.74) in this neon orange would look great to break up a solid black or white dress. Lots of ways to wear this so instead of choosing a boring colored belt, go neon.

neon skinny belt

Or some cute neon shoes.

Jessica Simpson's Jamila shoe ($59) from Zappos in neon pink patent are making me really excited for warmer weather.

neon shoes

Or even some super bright neon nail polish.

You'll need to be a risk-taker to wear that neon green on your fingernails, and if so, why not have fun with it on your toes! I love the purple of this Neon 7 pack of nail polish ($32) from America Apparel.

neon nail polish

Of course you can find lots of neon choices in many different styles of tops, belts, shoes, and jewelry. Wearing neon doesn't have to overwhelm your look if you choose it sparingly or with subtle pieces.

Would you wear neon?

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