What the Heel Is 'RHOBH' Star Adrienne Maloof Doing With All Those Shoes?

adrienne maloofIf we know anything about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof, it's that she likes her some shoes. The extremely wealthy entrepreneur and mother of three, Adrienne has some rather eclectic and out-there style for a woman of her age and position in life. I mean, she wore glitter hair extensions. And she's 50 years old. And owns a freaking casino. Anyway, we still love her. She's usually the voice of reason on the show, which is appreciated when you're dealing with some pretty catty ladies, but this new fact she revealed about her personal shoe collection seems a bit, well, unreasonable.

At an event in L.A. last night, Adrienne admitted to Racked that she owns 300 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels. Three. Hundred. Tha REE, hun DRED, people. What the hell does she need to design her own shoe line for, then? Sounds like she's pretty happy with her hundreds of red-soled heels.


I don't get it. But then again, I'm not a billionaire with a personal chef and a fully-staffed spa in my house. Adrienne's got the life, I swear. If we're being conservative, I'd say her stash of Louboutins are worth upward of $165,000.

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I suppose she thinks there's room in the market for her footwear, but it seems like she's just gilding the lily. She already loves Louboutins, clearly, so, like, how does she think her shoes will be an improvement?

Who knows. The only thing we're positively certain of is that Adrienne really, really loves shoes. And maybe that's all it takes to be a successful designer -- an intense, all-consuming passion for what you're doing, celebrity status, and endless dough to promote the crap out of your new wears.

Here's to the Maloof Hoof, and her insane shoe closet. She makes Kim Kardashian's collection

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