Makeup Free Friday: Rachel Bilson Goes Casual for Liquor Store Run

rachel bilsonRachel Bilson is, like, my fave. There's not another woman on the planet who looks better in a blazer than RBils, and seeing as I'm blazer obsessed, she is my casual yet work-friendly yet trendy yet timeless style inspiration. I do not think there has ever been a time where I didn't admire what she's wearing. After breaking onto the scene on the O.C., Rachel has managed to stay relevant by positioning herself as one of Hollywood's most stylin' young ladies. Perhaps her former co-star Mischa Barton should turn to Rach, and not June Ambrose, for image makeover help.

Anywhoosle, Rachel has done done it again. Earlier this week she was photographed making an early morning liquor store run (which, like, yes) in Los Feliz, California and did so looking oh so chic, and oh so makeup free.


RBils is Lucky magazine's April cover girl and told the famed shopping rag that she's really not into slutty dresses and prefers pajamas over anything else. Amen to that. She went on to say that her style choices are always pretty low-maintenance:

I seem to naturally go to neutrals, with a pop of color. I'm really big accessories person. You wear a plain T-shirt and jeans and then do something really cool with the jeans or the amazing shoes, or a really cool scarf or belt or bag.

Orange flats = explained.

I think Rachel looks really cute in her rolled-up boyfriend jeans, said tangerine sidewalk skimmers, gray t-shirt, and charcoal blazer, natch. I would consider her a natural beauty, and her makeup-less face really shows that her cosmetic routine must be pretty minimal because she doesn't look that different here without the mascara, blush, and lip stuff. Then again, I'm probably biased. RBils 4eva!

What do you like about Rachel Bilson's style?

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