'The Voice' Hottie Adam Levine Picks Totally Obvious Name for New Perfume

adam levineCan anyone explain to me what it is with celebrities constantly crossing over into the perfume industry? WHY? I just can't understand what it is about acting and singing and being a reality star that automatically cross-pollinates with fragrance. The latest A-lister to dabble in scents? None other than Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Errrmmm, I mean -- DUH, Levine's good-looking. And I like listening to "Sunday Morning" on Sundays (OK, I'm lame). But does either of those things mean he knows how to make a sellable perfume?! I'm not so sure. Turns out Levine's working on a new line of scents for men AND women, starting at $36, that will be coming out sometime in May. The name for his new scent-sational venture? 222.

While we may not know what inspired him to break into the perfume business a la Justin Bieber, I do I have a few ideas about WHERE the name for his signature scent comes from.


- The number of girls that he made faint on his last tour with the band.

- The amount of times he's cursed himself after missing out RaeLynn for his team on the last season of The Voice. Damn that Blake Shelton.

- The amount of hairs on his perfectly coiffed head.

- The amount of times he's farted in front of Christina Aguilera so far this season on The Voice.

- The number of hate letters he got after calling Fox News evil.

- The number of times he tells himself how handsome he is every day. Posing for nude photoshoots will do that to a guy's ego.

OK, so this is just a whole lot of speculation. I've got no legitimate clue why Levine named his perfume "222," but I guess it's just as good of a name as Aguilera's "Secret Potion" or Katy Perry's "Purr." Hell, it's definitely better than Tim McGraw's "Soul2Soul." One thing's for sure: Adam's surely not the first celebrity perfume maker, and he CERTAINLY won't be the last.

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