I Was a Harajuku Girl (VIDEO)

Harajuku GirlGwen Stefani is responsible for making the word "Harajuku" recognizable to millions of Americans.

She's obsessed with Harajuku style, named for a trendy shopping district in Tokyo where young people gather dressed in all sorts of brightly colored, whimsical clothing and accessories.

Beyond Stefani, the look has also caught the attention of more than one major label designer -- but how will a style that works on the streets of Tokyo play out on the main street of a small American town?

I put this look to the test for the season finale of "I'll Take That Dare!" Click through to see what happened ....


This is a perfect example of a dare that I thought would be met with hostility in this affluent town outside Nashville. It's an area that's known for being conservative.

Instead, passersby really had fun with the look -- except for the group of seniors who claimed that they thought I was a "lady of the night." Ummmm.

Children and young teenagers in particular were drawn to the Harjuku style. One group of preteens followed me excitedly down the sidewalk, wanting to talk about my outfit. And nearly every child we talked to wanted their mom to wear Harajuku, too.

It's obviously not a look I'd wear every day, but it ended up being a great reminder that we could all incorporate a little whimsy into our wardrobe without fear of being laughed at.

So, ladies ... what do you think of my Harajuku style? Have you tried this trend?

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