Lindsay Lohan's 'Natural' Hair Makes Her Look Even More Fake (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanWell, it looks like Lindsay Lohan finally took the plunge and made a huge change in her life. And no -- it has nothing to do with finally ending her hard-core partying ways -- although she did recently say that she's retired her wild side. (Yeah, sure.)

In an effort to go back to her roots, Lindsay has ditched her platinum blonde locks and dyed her hair red again, but the color is anything but natural looking. Red is technically her base color, but the shade she chose actually looks much closer to the color orange. She kind of resembles a Muppet as opposed to the sweet, freckle-faced young girl from The Parent Trap. Take a closer look at this photo -- does that color really look like something you'd expect from a high-end salon? Nope. I wonder if she used a home kit in her own bathroom?


If you zoom in even further on the pic, you will notice that Lindsay still has a little bit of her roots showing, and they are a much darker color of red than the rest of her hair. If she was truly going for a natural vibe, she should've chosen something more along the lines of a deeper auburn color. Or even if she'd just gone brunette and thrown in a few red highlights instead, the results would have been way less fake.

Lindsay may have ready to change things up a bit, but the whole carrot-top thing really isn't doing her any favors. And if I had to guess, I'd say that she won't keep this look for too much longer. She is Lindsay Lohan, after all. Nothing that girl does ever seems to stick for any lengthy amount of time.

You can see more of Lindsay as a redhead in the video clip below.

What do you think of Lindsay's new red locks?

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