Spanx Founder Built Success on Our Butts

Sara Blakely You may not know Sara Blakely's name, but she's probably been in your drawers at some point in your life. She's the inventor of Spanx, and she's just became the youngest self-made woman on Forbes "Billionaires" list. Yep, due to our own unhappiness with our bodies, Blakely has become a billionaire at the ripe old age of 41.

From smoothing our thighs, to sucking in our guts, and banishing panty lines from our backsides, Spanx garments have become weapons in our battle of the bulge when we're not successful at budging it ourselves. Most of us have a love-hate with them -- we hate that we need them, but love that they save us on occasion. Apparently that's worked out pretty well for Sara, as she's now worth 10 figures.


Even if you find Spanx akin to torture devices, her story of success is incredible. From that first pair of panty hose she cut, she's expanded her business into an empire of more than 200 products sold in 35 countries.

She saw a need and fought and figured out how to bring a product to meet that need to market. In an interview with Forbes she talks about the path her life has taken from being rejected by Disney World for the role of Goofy, to selling copiers via cold calling in her 20s, to the life she now

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