Giant Kate Moss Falls

kate mossIf Kate Moss fell on you, would it hurt? I'd imagine that the model who's famous for her waifish figure probably wouldn't do much damage if she collapsed on your chest. In fact, not only would it not hurt you, it might actually be a dream come true. But it's an entirely different story when Kate Moss falls on you in billboard form. Then it's a living nightmare.

It all went down in London yesterday outside of a Mango store. A giant billboard with Kate Moss' advertisement for the clothing retailer came crashing down on top of four people, who, as a result, ended up hospitalized.


Thankfully, the reported injuries seem to be minor, but still. One minute you're getting your shop on, the next Kate Moss' giant eye is staring you down as it comes careening toward the sidewalk on which you're standing. It's terrible.

I suppose, though, if I were to be crushed by a billboard, I'd want it to have someone really pretty on it, like Kate. It would somehow add insult to injury if I were harmed by a falling Lean Cuisine billboard, or one for dog food. Or how embarrassing would it be if it was for Kotex or something. Then you'd be known as the girl who was smushed by a giant tampon, and wow, how not awesome would that be.

I hope the four people who were injured have a full recovery. And I hope the Kate Moss billboard gets triaged and put back in its place, safely and extra-securely this time.

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