Granny Panties as Outerwear: The Latest Spring Trend!

WhoWhatWearTake a look at what showed up in my inbox.

According to WhoWhatWear, hot pants are a big trend for spring.


And I'm not talking about mere "short shorts" here.

I'm talking about what essentially looks like granny panties. That you wear out in public.


It looks strange enough on the spring runways, but check out Zoe Kravitz in a pair, out on the streets.

I just can't embrace this trend. To me, it looks like she forgot to put on pants.

What do you think?


The style mavens at WhoWhatWear are thrilled with the trend, writing, "Whether you opt to style them with a sophisticated button-up a la Jason Wu or over opaque tights like Zoe Kravitz, we can assure you this is an of-the-moment trend for fashion thrill-seekers!"

They go on to rhapsodize over a pair of $865 hot pants by Jason Wu, an $877 pair of hot pants by Dolce

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