'Bout Time Mischa Barton Got a Makeover

mischa bartonMischa Barton, of O.C. and Sixth Sense fame, knows that clothes can make the man. Or the woman. The 26-year-old who's become more well-known recently for her bizarre fashion choices and startling weight fluctuations admitted to a press line that, yeah, she needs some style help. To that end, she's turned to famed stylist June Ambrose to revamp her look and to therefore give her an image makeover. To that end's end, thank god.

Mischa needs a lot of help. Hopefully Ambrose, who's worked with celebs like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Mary J. Blige and has a show coming out on VH1 called Styled by June, will be able to break Mischa out of the mess that she's in.


If we're honest with ourselves, this has been a long time coming. Between the flower-power headbands and her insane affinity for dressing like a 5-year-old whose mother let her put on everything in her closet, Mischa's been a fashion liability for years. Now that she's in the hands of a professional, I feel better about it. And frankly, sounds like she does, too.

I want June to style me because she has a great positive attitude and could help me with some of the press. Press is definitely not one of my stronger points. There's been a lot of negative things said and I really feel that she could help me with that.

Is Mischa ready to hang up her high-waisted mom jeans forever? Let us hope so. Because girl's got a hot bod, a hot face, some, um, talent, I guess, and she deserves a second chance at sartorial stardom. Also? Nothing I love more than a makeover. Exciting!

Do you think Mischa can reinvent herself with clothes?

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