Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Bra' Top Would Make Carrie Bradshaw Wince

sarah jessica parkerSigh. Sarah Jessica Parker is such a style icon, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she always gets it right when it comes to her fashion choices. But it's almost like people are either completely blind to noticing when she's wearing something hideous or they're just too afraid to say that she had a fashion fail because they think that she's sporting some new trend that they aren't hip enough to know about yet.

News flash: It's ok to criticize one of her looks, because no one is capable of pulling off a fashion win every single time -- not even Sarah Jessica Parker. And this crazy outfit she wore to the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week proves it. Even Carrie Bradshaw would cringe at the sight of that sheer top.


I can't help but think that the black bra she's wearing is what really throws off the whole ensemble. If she'd worn a white bra, it might not have looked quite as bad. And while she may have been trying to pull off a classy look with the pencil skirt she has on, the top just gives off kind of a trashy vibe. And somehow it really doesn't go with that adorable coat either. The coat sort of screams Jackie O, while the top channels one of Madonna's looks from the '80s.

And don't even get me started on the hair. Sarah has great hair, and she doesn't need to make it all big and poofy for it to stand out. Having big hair actually makes her look a bit out of proportion, considering how tiny and petite her frame is.

Bottom line -- this look really just wasn't workin' for SJP. Getting back to my original argument, though, she is Sarah Jessica Parker, so plenty of people will probably be talking about how amazing this get-up was and will question how anyone could think otherwise. Good grief. Where is Carrie Bradshaw's fashion critique when we really need it?

Do you think that this outfit looked good on SJP?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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