Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Breathe New Life Into Twins Style

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Think that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ever listen to the Full House theme song when they're on set, trying to look all crazy, sexy, cool for photo shoots? I do. I like to imagine that they were blaring John Stamos' version of the little diddy when they posed for their respective covers of Elle U.K. The twins, who are the two designers behind the inimitably stylish brands The Row and Elizabeth & James, show off their innate sense of style in two separate covers for the venerable fashion magazine.

There's Mary-Kate in a bejewelled collar and white blouse in one shot, and there's Ashley in a Dolce & Gabanna bedazzled dress in the other. Exactly the same DNA wise, completely different style wise.


It's kind of what I love about these tiny little women -- their unique way of dressing sets them apart from one another and, well, the rest of us, too. It's not like I walk around NYC carrying a 20-ounce Starbucks cup wearing a floor-dragging skirt, a leather bomber, and a scarf tied around my forehead. But let's leave me out of it. It's all about MK and A.

Ashley's a fan of the classic and the timeless. She looks great in fashion-forward stuff, as well, but never really hops on the super trendy. Her beauty likes mirror that of her clothing likes -- her hair is generally well-kept and ne'r is there a deliberate eyeliner smudge out of place.

Mary-Kate is our boho-grunge girl. She loves pairing her homeless-chic looks with giant paper cups and Grecian flats. She's super experimental and is ready to try anything in the here-and-now and plays around with trends from all decades. Her hair is stylishly dyed poorly, and her makeup always looks two days old.

I kind of feel like I just wrote their horoscopes.

Anyway, I've been a fan of the Olsen's since the "You got it, dude" days and have enjoyed watching them evolve into world-famous fashionistas. Love that you can always tell who's who by what they're wearing, too -- their strong senses of self, and style, is something I admire.

Which cover do you like best?

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