Cate Blanchett's Answer to Plastic Surgery Is Pretty Sour (VIDEO)

cate blanchettIt is always so refreshing whenever a celebrity speaks out and admits that she isn't afraid to let nature take its course and age gracefully instead of resorting to plastic surgery to try and look 21 again. It's just so unrealistic to expect natural looking results after going under the knife to combat aging, which is something that 42-year-old Cate Blanchett recognizes.

The actress recently said that she's against altering her appearance because "you just see the work," meaning that you can immediately look at someone and tell that they've had plastic surgery. And you know what? She's right. Because most people who've had plastic surgery look -- well, kind of fake.

She insists that she "knows what works for her," and even said she feels "pity" for people who decide to alter their appearance. Pity seems a bit harsh, but I guess I understand where she's coming from. Some people will go to drastic lengths to look young. And that's why Cate has found a natural anti-aging secret instead.


She credits her flawless, creamy white complexion and young appearance to the fact that she drinks a glass of water with lemon juice every single morning. That's it? That's her big secret? Huh. Does the juice really work? Because if it does, then it's sure a lot less expensive and painful than having any sort of surgery done.

I have heard that lemons are a diuretic, so I can see where drinking lemon juice in water each day would help you look a lot less puffy. But can it truly slow down the aging process? Somehow I'm just not fully convinced that all Cate is doing is sucking back lemon water. There's gotta be something else she isn't telling us. She has to be using some sort of other anti-aging method, like a miracle cream or magic potion.

But judging from just how amazing Cate looked in this video clip from the Oscars last year, I'd say the water is still worth a shot. Couldn't hurt, right?


What natural methods do you use to maintain a youthful look?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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