J. Lo Looks Hot in Itsy Bitsy Yellow Bikini & So Can You (VIDEO)

jennifer lopezJ. Lo's had some fashion misses over the years, but overall, the world's most beautiful woman has some pretty fabulous style. And I mean fabulous like faaaabulous, dahling, because her outfits are generally over the top, over-accessorised, and overly-exposing in the best worst way possible. I know that sounds confusing, but I also know that you know what I mean. From too-tight dresses to clown makeup on Idol to giant earrings for any and every occasion, Jennifer Lopez's got the look.

Most recently, our girl and her boy toy Casper were lounging around on a yacht near Rio de Janeiro (obvs), and J. Lo, not one to lose an opportunity to look oh-so-stylin', wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow ... bikini. No polka, no dots, but she looked hot.

Even though we have no shot at looking as good as her, here are 5 yellow swimsuits to picture yourself in as you lounge on your own boat off Rio.


yellow bathing suit
Cia.Maritima bikini, $55
Love the ruffles, love the triangle top, love the fantasy of me looking good in this.

yellow bathing suit
Juicy Couture one piece, $173
So elegant! So modern yet vintage! So perfect poolside.

yellow bathing suit
Athena halter tankini, $110
A tankini is the best of both worlds. And this one has polka dots.

yellow bathing suit
Roxy bikini, $82
Sporty and flirty -- what Roxy does best.

yellow bathing suit
Pinup bathing suit, $110

Something about this suit really makes me want to do laps in the Mediterranean in this, and a swim cap. Sigh.

Watch J. Lo frolick in her yellow bathing suit:

What do you think -- would you wear a yellow swimsuit?


Courtesy photos

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