Bethenny Frankel Nails the Glam Summer Look -- 2 Months Too Early

Bethenny FrankelYesterday Bethenny Frankel went to hang out with Mario Lopez on Extra to talk about the newest additions to her Skinnygirl line: On the Go Bars and Vitamin Power Packs. Yeah yeah, both of the Bravolebrity's new products look great (read: obviously not as great as a Skinnygirl Margarita) -- but I am WAY more interested in Bethenny's outfit from the TV shebang. Helllooooo summer essentials, right?

I love the how she jazzed up her khaki neutrals with the sequins on her top. Sure the tank is showy, but it's counteracted by the fact that her shorts are a respectable length. If only she liked her husband as much as she seemingly loves her summer basics.

There's just one thing. Isn't it like ... still the second week of March? I mean, I get it. She's in California. Correction: southern California. It's definitely warmer there than here in NYC. But even if she is nailing summer basics, isn't it like -- a little bit early to be so balls-to-the-wall summertastic?


I guess this is what we get for having a mild winter. I usually roll out my summer style sometime around the beginning of May as the warmer temperatures roll in. It's as if a magic curtain is lifted and suddenly it's okay to wear super bright colors, neons, and florals. This year? Something tells me I won't be able to make it past mid-April without breaking out this little bright yellow gem of a dress I just bought from H&M.

I suppose that Bethenny did one thing right by sticking to a neutral color palette. If she was rockin' a hydrangea or some other floral embellishment, I'd think it woulda been more of a red flag.

What I will ask: If she's wearing all of her best summer pieces now -- what's the woman going to wear when ACTUAL summer rolls around? God forbid a former Housewife is seen out in public wearing the same thing twice!

When do you start wearing your summer gear?

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Image via Splash News

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