Sexist Jeans Will Make Your Husband Look Like a Fool

Wow. Does your husband ever pay attention to brands when he picks out a pair of pants? If he does, then you may want to advise him to stay away from any pair of chinos that are associated with a store called Madhouse. Because even though they may offer styles that appeal to men, the total lack of taste that comes with their clothes certainly kills any sort of clean and polished look.

In fact, the words that are written on the label of Madhouse jeans are nothing short of downright sexist -- toward both men and women.


If you think I'm overreacting a bit (after all, we're talking about a clothing label, here), then take another good look at the photo and read the inscription again. "Give it to your woman, it's her job." For reals? That statement is pretty offensive no matter how you look at it.

Assuming that laundry is a woman's job is an obvious slap to the female sex -- but what about the fact that this label implies that men don't have the slightest clue how to wash a pair of pants? Doesn't that kind of insult their general intelligence a bit?

I have to admit though -- I did laugh a little bit when I first saw this label. You see, in the entire eight years that my husband and I have been married, I think I've only done his laundry once or twice. Washing clothes is just one household chore that, for some reason, we never combined after we moved out of our separate apartments and into our first home together. If a label like this ever wound up stitched into the side of his pants, he'd probably do a double take after seeing it, and then either laugh out loud or roll his eyes and mutter, "Give it to your woman? Yeah, right!" under his breath.

Would you be offended if your husband wore these sexist pair of jeans?


Image via Emmabarnett/Twitter

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