Kate Upton's Beach Bunny Swimsuits Would Barely Cover a Rabbit (VIDEO)

kate uptonAfter making major headlines with the tiny bikini she wore for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover shot, Kate Upton has now ventured into the fashion industry, and has launched her own collection of barely there swimsuits for a line called Beach Bunny.

And yes -- you can pretty much figure out everything you need to know about the style of the suits from the name. Because these things are barely big enough to cover the body of a rabbit, let alone a grown woman.

Kate is only 19 years old, and clearly, these suits are geared for girls who are around the same age who haven't been through the whole process of pregnancy and kids yet. Because aside from the fact that these pieces aren't exactly flattering to most post-baby bodies, they also require some serious "grooming" before putting them on. And most moms just don't have time to squeeze in regular bikini waxes.


Seriously -- can you even imagine how often you'd have to hit the salon to get a Brazilian wax if you wanted to wear one of these skimpy suits at the beach all summer? What mom has that much extra time, let alone the pain tolerance to be able to make it through one session without breaking a sweat? I've never had one myself, but judging from how bad I cringe when I get my eyebrows waxed, I can only assume that the bikini area is a thousand times worse. (A razor works just fine, thank you very much.)

The whole idea of putting on a bikini as a mom isn't exactly appealing in the first place, but there are still plenty of us who do it. And while the suits from Kate Upton's collection are sexy and adorable and we'd all love to think that we could potentially pull them off with a few hundred sit-ups and a good tan, they really just don't mesh well with the whole mom vibe in general.

If you aren't convinced that Kate's suits aren't quite fit for moms, then the minuscule size of some of her super-skimpy bikinis in the video clip below should seal the deal.


Would you buy one of Kate Upton's barely-there bikinis?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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