Victoria Beckham Is Too Posh for Ugg Boots (VIDEO)

victoria beckhamHow great would it be if Victoria Beckham decided to go out on a limb and ditch her mile-high heels and dresses for a pair of yoga pants and Ugg boots? Moms everywhere would probably stand up and cheer over the fact that even someone as "posh" as Victoria falls into the mom-frump trap once in a while.

Unfortunately, she's way too big of a style icon to let something like that happen, so it looks like we'll just have to settle for feeling a bit inferior to her as far as style goes. She did recently admit that she owns both Ugg boots and "tracksuits" (I'm assuming she's referring to her gym attire), but she also said she refuses to wear either one of those things outside the walls of her home. Oh, please (eye roll). Is she really too proud to be comfortable once in a while?


fI mean -- I can kind of understand not wanting to run around in workout gear, because it has the potential to look pretty blah. But are Uggs really considered a fashion faux-pas? If they are, then plenty of moms can be labeled as offenders -- myself included. I don't think there is one mom I'm friends with who doesn't own a pair of Uggs. Of course, I live in New England, where we pretty much live in them all winter, but they are very popular in other areas of the country too.

Aside from being incredibly comfortable and keeping your toes cozy warm, Uggs also look reasonably stylish and cute when paired with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. Or at least I think they do. Then again, I'm no Victoria Beckham when it comes to fashion.

Honestly, Victoria should really consider giving Uggs a second chance. She'd look just as trendy and stylish in them as she does in her heels, and she wouldn't have to worry about falling over. And just take a look at this video of her out and about with her family. Don't her poor feet look like they could use a break?


Do you live in your Uggs, or are you embarrassed by them?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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